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OpenEdge Development: AppBuilder
Other Objects : Simple (undefined) SmartObjects
Simple (undefined) SmartObjects
AppBuilder supplies a number of ADM SmartObjects for your use. As a developer, however, you will probably encounter situations where the current set of SmartObjects falls short. To solve a particular problem, you will need some SmartObject that does not exist. How will you find a solution? You have two choices:
*Solve the immediate problem by using ABL objects to fill in the gap, linking them into the larger web of SmartObjects in your application. This is a point solution, but it is a somewhat lower‑cost one.
*Define and create your own SmartObject. The extra generality required might cost more in design time, but you would then be in a position to reuse the object indefinitely and gain the same advantages in development and maintenance costs that you get from other SmartObjects.
AppBuilder supplies the unfinished Simple SmartObject to make development simpler and quicker. You create one by choosing it from the list under FileNew.
For detailed instructions about ADM and creating new SmartObjects, see OpenEdge Development: ADM and SmartObjects.