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OpenEdge Development: AppBuilder
Frequently Used Dialogs : Properties window
Properties window
To open this dialog box, choose WindowProperties Window. It displays certain properties for the currently selected object. The displayed properties are different for different object types. If more than one object is currently selected, it displays only those property types they have in common (generally no more than their dimensions.) Figure 55 shows the Properties Window for a control frame, such as that automatically supplied by AppBuilder when you place an OCX object.
Figure 55: Properties Window
To use this dialog box to make changes to one or more selected objects:
1. Select the object or objects.
2. Choose WindowProperties Window. The dialog box appears.
3. Select the line item you wish to change. If necessary, first click the + sign in the leftmost column to expand and see the values for a category.
4. The current value appears in the fill-in. Depending on the data type, the fill-in might change to a combo box, or display a button at the right side with the “...” convention that indicates a dialog box will open. Enter the new value for the field accordingly.
5. Click on the check-mark button to accept the change you made, or on the x-out button to discard it.
6. When finished, click on the Dismiss button at the right side of the title bar to dismiss the dialog box.