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OpenEdge Development: AppBuilder
Data-Access Objects : Making changes to the data stream
Making changes to the data stream
The SDO provides data to the SmartDataBrowser and SmartDataViewer for display. In turn, the SmartDataViewer or SmartDataBrowser might provide data changes that must be written back to the database by the SDO. To preserve their ability to communicate with one another, you must make any changes to the data stream in an orderly way. Table 9 summarizes possible changes and the order in which you must make them.
Table 9: How to make changes to the data stream 
Your goal
How to reach it
Get exactly the same fields, but from a different database.
Change the database name in the SDO.
Get exactly the same fields, but arranged in a different order than before.
Simply recompile.
Stop getting one of the fields.
If the field is being displayed, remove the field reference from the SmartDataBrowser and SmartDataViewer first, then remove it from the SDO. If it is not being displayed, simply recompile.
Start getting a new field.
Add the field reference to the SDO first. Then add it to the SmartDataBrowser and SmartDataViewer, if you want them to display it. If you do not want them to display it, simply recompile.
Make a field updatable.
Make the field updatable in the SDO first. Then make it updatable in the SmartDataBrowser and SmartDataViewer.
Make a field not updatable (read‑only).
Make it read-only in the SmartDataBrowser and SmartDataViewer first. Then make it read-only in the SDO.