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OpenEdge Development: AppBuilder
Data-Display/Capture Objects : Introduction to data-display objects
Introduction to data-display objects
Presenting data to the user is an important intermediate goal in nearly any database application. Presentation techniques range from the most generic row/column display to sophisticated, application‑specific graphing and charting.
AppBuilder provides the following SmartObject building blocks:
*Dynamic and Static SmartDataBrowsers, for presenting data to your users in a simple, tabular row/column format
*SmartDataViewer, for presenting one record at a time, in a layout you determine
*SmartDataField, including the dedicated SmartSelect, for adding ADM capability down to the individual field level in the SmartDataViewer
Additionally, ABL provides a number of basic objects that display and capture data. These include:
*Data browser with built‑in query, for representing data in tabular row/column format.
*Combo box, for presenting a list of choices
*Data viewer (DB-Fields) with built‑in query, for representing data on a per‑record basis
*Editor (multi‑line editor), with most of the capabilities of a standard text editor
*Fill-in (single-line editor), for capturing a small amount of data
*Radio-button set, for representing an exclusive set of (usually non-string) choices
*Selection list, for presenting a list of choices
*Slider control, for representing a point within a subrange of INTEGERs or small INT64s
*Toggle box (check box), for representing a Boolean (LOGICAL) choice
This chapter discusses these building blocks and their role in your applications.