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OpenEdge Development: AppBuilder
AppBuilder Interface : Inspecting a procedure file
Inspecting a procedure file
When you read a procedure file into AppBuilder, it compiles the file in order to analyze its contents, and stores relevant information about the file in memory. This represents a snapshot of the procedure as it appears at compilation time. As you make changes to the procedure, AppBuilder updates this snapshot.
At any time in an AppBuilder session, you can examine the current state of a procedure file as it exists in AppBuilder’s memory. To do this, choose CompileCode Preview from the AppBuilder main menu. AppBuilder builds a readable version of the procedure file and places it into a content browser, the Code Preview dialog box:
The Code Preview dialog box shows the current state of the design window as ABL code. You can copy code from the Code Preview dialog box and paste it into the Section Editor.
To copy and paste text:
1. In the Code Preview dialog box, highlight the text you want to copy.
2. Press CTRL+C to copy the highlighted text.
3. In the Section Editor, move the text cursor to where you want to insert the text.
4. Press CTRL+V to paste the text.
You can also search for text strings in the file. To do this, press CTRL+F. AppBuilder displays the Find dialog box, where you can specify the string you want to search for. To search forward, press F9; to search backward, press SHIFT‑F9.