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OpenEdge Development: AppBuilder
Frequently Used Dialogs : Custom lists naming
Custom lists naming
The button shown is available in the Procedure Settings dialog box:
Custom lists would be called macros in some other languages, such as C. They provide a convenient way to refer to many objects with a single identifier. Each instance of a procedure or procedure-based object, such as a SmartWindow, has its own set of six custom lists. When the preprocessor encounters a reference to a custom list in source code, it replaces that reference with all the identifiers associated with that particular list.
The dialog box shown in Figure 53 allows you to give more meaningful names to the lists that belong to a particular procedure. For example, if you create an area within a SmartWindow that has widgets dealing with order entry, and you assign them to the first list, you might give that first list the name OrderEntry or Order_Entry (embedded spaces are not allowed in the names you give) so as to more easily keep track of what you are doing.
Figure 53: Custom lists naming dialog box
To change the name of a list, merely type in the new name.
Your change will be reflected in the list of lists in the Procedure Settings dialog box, and in the properties dialog boxes for all the basic widgets subordinate to the procedure. To continue the earlier example, if you place a button widget in the SmartWindow, and open its Advanced Properties dialog box, you will now see Order_Entry as the name of the first Custom List.