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OpenEdge Development: AppBuilder
Organizer Objects : Creating a new procedure-based organizer instance
Creating a new procedure-based organizer instance
This section uses the SmartWindow as the example, but the process is the same for most types of procedure‑based organizers. To create a different kind of object, select that kind from the list instead of selecting a SmartWindow. To create a component‑level organizer—a basic frame or rectangle, or a SmartFolder—follow the steps in the appropriate section.
To create a SmartWindow workspace:
1. In the AppBuilder main window, choose FileNew or the New button on the toolbar. The New dialog box appears:
This dialog box contains the following user‑interface elements:
*Objects — Lists the available types of files. The objects in this list all exist as external procedures on disk. Note that there also might be file types listed, such as Structured Include, that do not represent objects.
*Template — Invokes the Template dialog box, which allows you to preview a procedure template file. When you choose a template, AppBuilder adds it to the Objects selection list. Adding a procedure to this selection list allows you to open it as an untitled procedure.
*Show — Specifies which procedure types you want to see in the Object selection list. Depending on your license, the options in this area might be different than those shown here.
*Description — A description of the currently highlighted object type.
2. Select SmartWindow from the Object selection list, then click OK.
AppBuilder loads a template as an untitled procedure and opens a workspace on your screen. For visible objects such as a SmartWindow, the workspace is the actual window you will populate. In other cases, such as when you select a Structured Procedure file, Structured Include file, or Method Library, AppBuilder opens the Section Editor as the workspace.
3. Adjust the size and position of the new SmartWindow as needed.
Click on the title bar to select the SmartWindow, and move it to a convenient place on your display. Resize the SmartWindow by dragging its edges.