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OpenEdge Development: AppBuilder
Data-Access Objects : Creating a freestanding query object
Creating a freestanding query object
Besides the queries embedded in and bound to other objects such as the SDO, you can create a query that exists by itself. Other objects can use such a freestanding query object by referring to its handle.
Such a query object, like the SDO, has no run‑time representation. It is visible in the workspace only at design time.
To create a free-standing query object:
1. Click on Query in the Object Palette.
2. Place the object anywhere in the workspace—it is not visible at run time. In general, it is a good idea to place it in an unoccupied corner, if you can, in case you need to gain access to it later. At design time, the query object is represented by the following icon in your workspace:
3. When you click to place the new query object, the Query Builder dialog box appears. Use that dialog box to compose the terms of the query. See the “Defining and editing queries using Query Builder” section for further information.