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OpenEdge Development: AppBuilder
Organizer Objects : Basic frames
Basic frames
Basic frames are non-window, component organizer objects. You can place SmartObjects on a basic ABL frame, even if it is nested in other basic frames, as long as the outer‑level object that supports them all is a SmartWindow or SmartDialog.
Creating and placing a frame
Because frames are basic ABL objects, creating and placing one is quite easy.
To create and place a frame:
1. Click on the Frame icon in the Object Palette.
2. Move the mouse cursor over a bare spot in your workspace and click to place the new object. For example:
3. Configure the frame, and adjust its size and position appropriately.
Configuring frame properties
For information about configuring your basic frame objects, see the “SmartFrames” section. Basic frames are SmartFrames without the ADM Smart technology.