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OpenEdge Development: AppBuilder
AppBuilder Interface : AppBuilder main window
AppBuilder main window
From the AppBuilder main window, shown in Figure 7, you can access all of AppBuilder’s supporting functionality. The main window appears whenever you start AppBuilder.
Figure 7: AppBuilder main window
The AppBuilder main window is divided into four areas:
*Menu bar
*Tool bar
*Current object fields
*Status bar fields
See the “Menu bar” section for a description of the menu bar and the related toolbar.
Current‑object fields
The current‑object fields display the Object identifier and, often, additional information such as a text or label string. Both fields are generally editable. Figure 8 shows current object fields for a SmartWindow.
Figure 8: Current‑object fields
The current object is a single object that is part of the design window. Only one object can be current at a time. Thus, if you select more than one object in a design window, nothing will be listed in these fields.
The current object fields display the following information:
*Object — Specifies the name (identifier) of the current basic ABL widget, SmartObject instance, structured procedure file, method library, or structured include file. For character windows, this field displays the words TERMINAL‑SIMULATION when the window is selected. No window name displays because in character mode there is never more than one window open. If some object in the window is selected instead, that object’s identifier displays here.
*Title/Label/Text/Master/File — For basic widgets other than text, specifies the title or label, if one is available. For text objects, which have no label or title, this field displays the text widget’s string value. For structured procedure files, method libraries, and structured include files, it specifies the pathname of the procedure file.
Status bar
Figure 9 shows the status bar.
Figure 9: Status bar
These fields display from left to right:
*Status information about current AppBuilder activity.
*The Design Page in the current smart organizer object. If the current organizer/container is not smart, this field is blank.
*The name of the currently selected object type in the Palette. For example: SmartDataBrowser.
*The text LOCK if the current object icon is latched (locked) down for multiple placements. It is blank otherwise.