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OpenEdge Development: ADM Reference
ADM2 SmartObject API Reference
ADM2 SmartObject API Reference
The behavior of each type of Progress® SmartObject™ is defined by a set of methods (procedures and functions) based on one or more classes in super-procedure files. Super-procedure files are comparable to dynamically-linked run-time libraries in that they are loaded into memory as required by an application, and typically make their internal routines available to callers during a session. This reference describes the ADM2 methods and properties supplied in the current release of OpenEdge®.
For information about the ADM2 and creating or modifying SmartObjects, see the OpenEdge Development: ADM and SmartObjects. For information about creating applications with SmartObjects, see the OpenEdge Development: AppBuilder. For information about SmartObjects in a Progress Dynamics® environment, see OpenEdge Development: Progress Dynamics Advanced Development and OpenEdge Development: Progress Dynamics Basic Development. This chapter provides information about the following:
*Paths to source files
*Source-file types
*ADM class hierarchy
*SmartObjects, templates, and super-procedure hierarchies
*SmartObjects and their files
*Reading and writing object properties