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WebClient Applications
Overview : WebClient platforms

WebClient platforms

WebClient supports running applications as either 32-bit processes or 64-bit processes. We provide separate installations for 32-bit WebClient and 64-bit WebClient.
64-bit Windows can run either 32-bit WebClient or 64-bit WebClient. You can install both 32- and 64- bit WebClient of the same OpenEdge version on the same 64-bit Windows machine at the same time.
A 64-bit process can access more memory than a 32-bit process. However, unlike other ABL clients, WebClient cannot connect to databases, and does not require large amounts of shared memory.
You might also need the third-party functionality that is available only for 64-bit processes, for example, if the application requires a 64-bit DLL or other external component that only works with a 64-bit process.
* Deciding the platform for your application
* Defining the WebClient application's platform support
* Running 32-bit WebClient applications on 64-bit Windows