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WebClient Applications
Developing the Application : Using URLs in PROPATH for image file downloads : Using the SEARCH function

Using the SEARCH function

This is the syntax of the SEARCH function:


SEARCH ( opsys-file )
The SEARCH function searches the directories and libraries (including URL pathnames) appearing in the PROPATH environment variable for opsys-file. The SEARCH function returns the full pathname of the file unless it resides in the current working directory. If the SEARCH function does not find the file for any reason, it returns the Unknown value (?).
If the file is found in a directory specified by a URL, SEARCH returns the full URL pathname of the file, which consists of the URL's PROPATH entry with the filename appended.
If opsys-file is a fully qualified URL or a fully qualified pathname, SEARCH checks for the existence directly, and does not search the directories and URLs in the PROPATH.
Note: SEARCH does not download any files.