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WebClient Applications
Deploying the Sample Application Without IntelliStream : Setting up the application on the Web server machine

Setting up the application on the Web server machine

This section provides information about applications on Web server machines.
To set up the application to launch from your Web server machine:
1. Recursively copy all files from the %DOCS%\webinstall\sports2000\web_image directory to the sports2000 subdirectory of the Web server document root directory.
2. Copy all files from your %DLC%\webinstall\webclient\web_image directory to the Web server document root directory's webclient subdirectory.
3. In the Web server document root directory's Webclient subdirectory, edit the webclient.htm file to install the application automatically just after installing WebClient. To do this:
a. Change "none" to the http://%MYWEBSERVER%/sports2000 URL.
b. Change "none" to the http://%MYWEBSERVER%/sports2000/sports2000.prowcapc URL. For example:
ApplicationURL =" http://pctest/sports2000 ";
ProwcappURL =" http://pctest/sports2000/sports2000.prowcapc ";
These changes let you install WebClient and the Sports2000 application on the client machine.
4. In the Web server document root directory's webclient subdirectory, make the following changes:
a. Edit the bootstrap.htm file, replacing the document.location.href and window.location URLs to match the location of your configuration and webclient.htm files, respectively. For example:
document.location.href = "http://pctest/sports2000/sports2000.prowcapc";
window.location = "http://pctest/webclient/webclient.htm";
Do not edit these files in Notepad. Notepad might change the line terminators, which can cause problems with your browser.
b. Edit the sports2000.htm file, uncommenting the line containing the prowcapc entry, and including the domain name or IP address of your Web server and the name of your application configuration file. For example:
ProwcappURL =" http://pctest/sports2000/sports2000.prowcapc ";
5. Use the WebClient Application Assembler PRO*Tool to generate a customized sports2000.prowcapp file. To do this:
a. Copy %DOCS%\webinstall\sports2000\sports2000.wcp to any directory.
b. Open the file with the WebClient Application Assembler.
c. Modify the URL of your configuration file specified in the Configuration File Locator window, the URL of the WebClient install on the WebClient tab, and the URL for your application install specified on the Options tab.
d. From the WebClient Application Assembler's main menu, choose Deployment > Generate. Enter an output directory and a version name (for example, v1), and click OK to generate a new configuration file.
e. Copy the configuration file to the Web server document root directory's sports2000 subdirectory.
6. Configure (if not already configured) and start an instance of the AppServer Internet Adapter to run as a Java servlet in the Java Servlet Engine and to access the AppServer served by asbroker1.
For instructions on setting up the Java Servlet Engine (JSE) and the AppServer Internet Adapter (AIA) on the Web server, see OpenEdge Application Server: Administration and the Progress Technical Support Knowledge Base entries on setting up the JSE to work with the AIA. To access these, search the Knowledge Base on "JSE" and "AIA."