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WebClient Applications
Overview : Application requirements : Choosing which installation types to support

Choosing which installation types to support

Administrator installations and personal installations have different requirements. You must consider these requirements while designing your application and its WebClient deployment. An Administrator installation requires the end users have write access to certain areas that are normally restricted to administrators, but it imposes no additional restrictions on your designs. A personal installation does not have that write access, which results in some limitations. For example, a personal installation cannot:
*Install files to certain areas. Adding such files through the IntelliStream System Tasks causes install errors for a personal installation. For more information, see the System Tasks and personal installations.
*Install a .NET Framework. This might cause problems if your WebClient application uses the OpenEdge GUI for .NET. For more information, see the .NET Framework.
*Write to registry keys or files located in areas to which the non-administrator does not have access.
Note: Your application can check the installation type of a connected client through the SESSION system handle. For more information, see the Checking application registry access.