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WebClient Applications
Deploying the Sample Application Without IntelliStream : Installing and running the application on the client machine

Installing and running the application on the client machine

This section provides information about applications on client machines.
To install and launch the application on the client machine:
Note: Normally Step 1 would not be necessary. But since it was impossible to predict the name of your server, the appservtt.d file, which contains the connection URL and is included in the installation materials, has been set to YourServername.
1. Edit the hosts (winnt\system32\drivers\etc\hosts) file on the client machine to add an entry containing the server's IP address and host name. The entry might appear as follows:     YourServername
2. Open an appropriate Web browser and go to one of the following URLs:
or :
For example:
3. Install WebClient and the Sports2000 application by following the instructions and accepting the defaults.
Note: The sample application's SmartB2B and SonicMQ buttons invoke options not yet implemented.