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Startup Command and Parameter Reference
Startup Parameter Usage Categories : OpenEdge SQL Broker parameters (SQL)

OpenEdge SQL Broker parameters (SQL)

Use the parameters listed in the following table to control spawned OpenEdge SQL processes when connecting to a OpenEdge SQL server. The parameters are organized alphabetically by syntax.
SQL Server Java Classpath
Identifies the Java classpath to use when starting an SQL server
Type of Server to Start
Limits the type of server the broker can start
SQL Open Cursors
Defines the maximum number of cursors open at any one time
SQL rowid identifier
Specify the interpretation of the quoted string "rowid"
SQL Stack Size
Changes the size of the SQL stack
SQL Statement Cache
Sets the number of statements that can be stored in the SQL cache
SQL Sorting Memory
Defines the size in K-bytes of the temporary table buffers in main memory cache