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Startup Command and Parameter Reference
Client Startup Commands : MBPRO command

MBPRO command

Starts a multi-user OpenEdge client session in batch or background mode.


mbpro [db-name] -p procedure-name[parameters][ > output-file]


Specifies the database to which you want to connect. If you are connecting to a database through shared memory and the database is not in your current directory, you must specify the path of the database. On the other hand, if you are making a client/server connection to the database, you do not need to specify a path.
-p procedure-name
Specifies the procedure to run at startup.
Specifies the startup parameters you want to use.
Specifies a file where output messages are sent.


*On UNIX, the MBPRO command runs the following executable:
_progres -b &
*On UNIX and in Windows, you can redirect batch job input and output with the < and > redirection symbols. You also can use the pipe symbol (|) to put an OpenEdge batch run in a command pipeline.