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Startup Command and Parameter Reference
Startup Parameter Usage Categories : Client Session parameters (CS) : Client performance parameters

Client performance parameters

Use the parameters listed in the following table to control client performance.
-asyncqueuesize n
Async Queue Size
Specifies the total number of bytes allowed for asynchronous request buffers allocated for a client
-Bt n
Number of Buffers for Temporary Tables
Specifies the size of the buffer pool for blocks or records from the temporary table
-D n
Directory Size
Changes the number (soft limit) of compiled procedure directory entries
-fc num-entries
Schema Field Cache Size
Changes the number (soft limit) of entries in the schema field cache
Forces OpenEdge to adhere to set limits
-l n
Local Buffer Size
Specifies the size (soft limit) of the local record buffer
Network Message Compression
Compresses messages between an OpenEdge client and the OpenEdge AppServer
-mmax n
Maximum Memory
Sets the initial amount (soft limit) of memory allocated for r-code segments
-Mr n
Record Buffer Size
Specifies the standard record buffer size in bytes
No Auto Result-list
Avoids building result-lists for static non-scrolling queries
Allocate a 512-byte cache for the OpenEdge library directory
Stores r-code files locally in temporary sort files
Quick Request
Directs the ABL Virtual Machine (AVM) to search PROPATH directories only on the first use of a procedure
-s n
Stack Size
Specifies the stack size
-stsh n
Stash Area
Specifies the number of 1KB blocks to allocate in the stash area
-T dirname
Temporary Directory
Specifies the directory for temporary files
Save Temp Files (UNIX only)
Makes temporary file entries visible
-TB blocksize
Speed Sort
Specifies the block size in kilobytes to allocate when sorting records for reports or rebuilding indexes
-TM n
Merge Number
Specifies the number of blocks or streams simultaneously merged during a sort
-tmpbsize n
Temporary Table Database Block Size
Specifies the temporary table database block size