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Startup Command and Parameter Reference
Introduction : About startup commands

About startup commands

OpenEdge provides startup commands that support its client/server architecture and a wide range of configuration options. In client/server configurations, the client application and database server are separate processes. OpenEdge applications execute in a client session, sending requests to the OpenEdge server. The OpenEdge server accesses the database on behalf of each client session.
Consequently, the startup commands fall into two general categories:
*Commands to startup and shutdown database processes, such as database servers, database brokers, and background writer.
*Commands to start up and shutdown client sessions that connect to databases, such as an ABL (Advanced Business Language) client, AppServer™, and DataServer client.
After setting up your database, you are ready to run OpenEdge. In general, you start clients and servers as follows:
*Start a database server or broker for a database. Starting a server or broker for a database is distinct from connecting to a database. For more information on starting these processes, see OpenEdge Getting Started: Installation and Configuration.
*Start the client applications.
For more information about the startup commands, see Client Startup Commands.
For information about commands to startup and shutdown database processes, see OpenEdge Data Management: Database Administration.