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Startup Command and Parameter Reference
Startup Parameter Usage Categories : Client Session parameters (CS) : ABL parameters

ABL parameters

Use the parameters listed in the following table to modify ABL behavior.
-assemblies assemblies-path
Specifies the path to the directory containing the Assembly References File (assemblies.xml) and any third-party assemblies
Initiates a batch process with no terminal interaction
ADE R-code Location
Specifies the ADE r-code directory to the client so the client can add this directory and all procedure libraries contained in the directory to the PROPATH
Browse Column Type
Overrides the TYPE attribute for browse columns, and always return "BROWSE-COLUMN" regardless of the actual column type
-catchStop n
Catch STOP
Specifies whether the AVM activates stop object behavior when a STOP condition is raised
-checkwidth n
Check Width
Specifies whether ABL compares CHARACTER, DECIMAL, and RAW field data against the metaschema _width field value before updating a database record
Clear Log File
Deletes any file that matches the name of the specified client log file identified by the -clientlog parameter
Client Logging
Allows an application to automatically write all error and warning messages to the specified log file
-cwl filename
Compile Warning List
Flags instances of statements listed in filename during compilation
Combo-box Font
Changes the default font of DECIMAL values displayed in combo-boxes with LIST-ITEMS or LIST-ITEM-PAIRS
-D n
Directory Size
Changes the number (soft limit) of compiled procedure directory entries
Starts a session by running the Debugger in stand-alone mode
Debug Alert
Makes ABL stack trace and .NET stack trace information available during a session, either in an Alert dialog box or a log file
-debugReady { 0 | port-number }
Enable Attachable Debugging
Enables an OpenEdge process (that is, an ABL client or a single WebSpeed agent) to attach to the attachable Debugger
Default Scrolling
Makes scrolling the default behavior for all statically defined queries
Dictionary Expressions
Directs ABL to use dictionary and help validation for all fields in all frames when compiling
Disable Delete Trigger
Disables the delete trigger when ALLOW-REPLICATION is enabled for the DISABLE TRIGGERS statement or the DISABLE-LOAD-TRIGGER() buffer method
Error Stack
Allows error objects to save the ABL call stack in the CallStack property of an error object at the time the AVM generates the error object
Expand Browse
Sets the EXPANDABLE and FIT-LAST-COLUMN option to on for all browsers created in the current session
Filtering Asynchronous COM Events
Controls the conditions under which you want asynchronous COM events handled
Field List Disable
Directs ABL to ignore field lists in the r-code and fetch complete records
-h n
Number of Databases
Specifies the maximum number of databases that can be connected
Dynamics Parameter
Specifies a character string that can be accessed from ABL procedures within the Dynamics framework
-inp n
Input Characters
Expands the available buffer space for a single statement
-k filename
Keyword Forget List
Disables the keywords listed in filename
Literal Question
Changes the default value of the LITERAL-QUESTION attribute to TRUE
-lkwtmo seconds
Lock Timeout
Specifies a different "lock wait timeout"
-logentrytypes string
Log Entry Types
Specifies one or more types of log entries to write to the log file
-logginglevel n
Logging Level
Specifies the level at which log entries are written to the log file
-logthreshold n
Log Threshold
Specifies the file size threshold of log files
-nb n
Nested Blocks
Sets the maximum number (soft limit) of nested procedure blocks
No Lock
Makes all record retrieval statements default to NO-LOCK record access
No Auto Result-list
Avoids building result-lists for static non-scrolling queries
No Check Temp-table Names
Suppresses the limited checking of temp-table column names when passing temp-tables as parameters to procedures
(PAS for OpenEdge only) Disable the Common Language Runtime (CLR) component, which manages the execution of .NET programs.
No Garbage Collection
Disables automatic garbage collection of class-based objects
No Inactive Indexes
Excludes inactive indexes from the compilation of WHERE clauses, as well as LIKE clauses in DEFINE TEMP-TABLE statements
No Auto-Increment Warnings
Suppresses messages (5407) through (5410)
No INT64
Changes the data type of long integer constants to be DECIMAL as opposed to INT64. Does not affect references to variables, fields, or expressions if they are declared as INT64.
Restricts the invocation of the following from WHERE clauses:
*Class method
*User-defined function
*Class property, which implements the GET method using ABL statements
No UDF in WHERE Clause
Restricts the invocation of user-defined functions and methods from WHERE clauses
-numlogfiles n
Number of Log Files to Keep
Specifies the number of rolled over log files to keep on disk at any one time
-o printername
Identifies the printer to use when processing OUTPUT TO PRINTER statements
Outer-join Mode
Specifies the mode in which mixed inner and left outer joins, in queries of three or more joined tables, are processed
-p filename
Startup Procedure
Specifies a procedure that executes when OpenEdge starts
-param string
Supplies information in a character string or comma-separated list of files to open in Procedure Editor buffers
Preload CLR
Loads the .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR) into the ABL session at startup
Proxy Host
Specifies the name of the host or the IP address of the host at which the HTTP-based proxy server is located
Proxy Password
Authenticates the AppServer client to the HTTP-based proxy server
Proxy Port
Specifies the port on which the HTTP-based proxy server is listening
Proxy Userid
Authenticates an AppServer client to the HTTP-based proxy server
-rand n
Alternate Random Number Generator
Specifies a different random number generator. Use the value 1 for the old generator or the value 2 for a new one
Reread Nolock
Directs the AVM to re-read a record from the database, if the record is already in a buffer
Re-usable Objects Cache
Specifies the number of deleted class objects that the AVM stores for later re-initialization.
Screen-value Mode
Specifies the mode in which the SCREEN-VALUE attribute indicates that the selected item in a combo-box item list is empty
Show PPU Error
Starting with Release 10.1B, this startup parameter has no effect; it is supported only for backward compatibility. In earlier releases, it restores the warning for message 4132 ("Invalid character unit value <N>. Changed to 320.")
Suppress Warnings list
Allows ABL programmer to suppress any list of warnings using SESSION attribute or startup parameter.
-ttmarshal n
Temp-table Schema Marshall
Specifies the amount of schema information to marshal for temp-table parameters during an OpenEdge client session
-tok n
Specifies the maximum number of tokens allowed in an ABL statement
-undothrow n
UNDO, THROW Error Handling
Changes default error handling to be UNDO, THROW. Use the value 1 to change the default for routine-level blocks. Use the value 2 to change the default for routine-level and other blocks that have default error handling.
Use Widget ID
Enables application-defined widget IDs for ABL widgets in OpenEdge GUI applications
Version 6 Colon
Directs the AVM to use colon alignment of unlabeled fields (as in Version 6)
Version 6 Query
Directs the OpenEdge database server to use only a single index to resolve FOR EACH statements (as in Version 6)