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Managing ABL Applications
ABL and R-code Deployment and Management : Maintaining User Environments : Maintaining the Windows user environment : Windows manifest file
Windows manifest file
The OpenEdge installation includes a manifest file—a text file that contains XML code. The manifest file provides your ABL application with the look of the Windows XP user interface. For OpenEdge, the manifest file is named prowin32.exe.manifest and it is located in the install-dir/bin directory by default. For Web Client, the manifest file is prowc.exe.manifest. (Each executable needs its own manifest file and the manifest file must be in the same directory as the executable for which it is intended.)
Note: This Windows XP feature also applies to Windows Vista and Windows 7.
Only Windows XP recognizes manifest files; all other versions of Windows (including Windows XP with the screen display set to the Windows Classic style), ignore the manifest file. If you do not want to use the manifest file on XP, you must move, rename, or delete it.
The following settings in the [Startup] section of your progress.ini file work in conjunction with the manifest file:
*UseNative3D — When you set this option to NO, you specify to use OpenEdge's 3D drawing capabilities insteadof Windows 3D drawing functionality. If you set the UseNative3D option to NO, you must also remove the prowin32.exe.manifest file from your installation-path\bin\ directory. If you set this option to NO and you do not remove the manifest file, you will see inconsistencies in the appearance of your user interface.
Note: The 64-bit client ignores the UseNative3D=NO setting and continues to use Windows 3D drawing capabilities.
*UseClipChilden — This option works with the Windows manifest file in drawing buttons. The default setting for this option is YES. Do not change the default setting of the UseClipChildren option until you first talk with a Progress Software Technical Support representative.
*ButtonImageBorderMode — This setting lets you change the default behavior of how OpenEdge draws borders on buttons with images. One of the factors that determines the effect of this option is the presence of a manifest file.
See Startup section for more information on these settings.