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Managing ABL Applications
ABL and R-code Deployment and Management : Maintaining User Environments : Maintaining the Windows user environment : Windows icons for running OpenEdge
Windows icons for running OpenEdge
The install process places icons in the OpenEdge group on the Windows Explorer desktop and in the Windows Start menu. The default group name is OpenEdge; however, you can choose another group name. The icons vary depending on the products installed. Modifying client icons describes the icons.
Table 10. Windows-installed icons
Icon title
Icon command line
OpenEdge Client
OpenEdge Run-time Client
install-dir\bin\prowin32.exe -rr
OpenEdge Help
OpenEdge Desktop
install-dir\bin\prowin32.exe -p _desk.p
OpenEdge AppBuilder
install-dir\bin\prowin32.exe -p _ab.p
On the icon command line, install-dir is the directory where you have installed the products.
See the Windows user documentation for more information about creating additional icons, copying and modifying existing icons, and general information about the Windows Explorer.