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Managing ABL Applications
Deployment Considerations : Deployment Topics and Tasks : Dumping and loading : Using your dump/reload facility
Using your dump/reload facility
To dump and reload a database:
*Use dumpdb to dump the current copy of the database.
*Use either prodb or newdb to make a fresh copy of the basic database.
*Uses reloaddb to reload the database.
Before you supply the filedump.p,fileload.p, and subdirectories of dump and reload procedures to a user, you must understand the following points:
*The filedump.p and fileload.p procedures were written to run from an interactive ABL procedure. If you plan to have users run these procedures from the operating system command level, you must supply an output destination by adding OUTPUT TOfilename at the top of each procedure. Comments in the dumpdb and reloaddb files explain these modifications.
*If you modify the procedures, remember to recompile.
*If the database to be loaded does not have the same name as the database that the MKDUMP was run against, then you must recompile the fileload.p procedure against the database with the proper name.