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Managing ABL Applications
Deployment Utilities and Scripts : Templates


You can use the templates provided with OpenEdge, tailor them to the needs of your application, and supply them with your application. The following templates are located in theinstall-dir/toolkit/samplesdirectory:
*runmenu — Starts a single-user OpenEdge session
*multmenu — Starts a multi-user OpenEdge session
*runbatch — Starts a single-user batch OpenEdge session
*multbat — Starts a multi-user batch OpenEdge session
*newdb — Makes a copy of a basic application database
*strtsrvr — Starts a multi-user OpenEdge server
*stopsrvr (supplied on UNIX only) — Stops a multi-user OpenEdge server
*deldb — Deletes a database
*dumpdb — Dumps an application database
*reloaddb — Loads an application database
*trimlog — Discards old information from the database log file
*upgrade — Upgrades an existing application with new data definitions and/or procedures