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Managing ABL Applications
ABL and R-code Deployment and Management : Managing Procedure Libraries : Generating a memory-mapped library : Replacing files in a standard library
Replacing files in a standard library
This is the syntax for the PROLIB command to replace one or more files in a standard library:
Operating system
UNIX Windows
prolib library-name
-replace file-name[file-name ]...
Specifies the name of the library with the file you want to replace.
Specifies the name of the file.
When you replace a file, the system overwrites the old file with a file of the same name. Therefore, the pathname you supply for the file has to be the same as the pathname you used originally to add the file to the library. If you try to replace a file that does not exist, PROLIB displays an error message. However, if you specify the -nowarn parameter, PROLIB adds the existing file to the library. See Adding files to a standard library for more information.