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Managing ABL Applications
Deployment Considerations : Choosing a Code Format : Encrypted source : Possible drawbacks of encrypted source
Possible drawbacks of encrypted source
Encrypted source code has the following possible drawbacks:
*Does not prevent index modifications — When compared to r-code, encrypted source is less restrictive because it allows modifications to the database's indexes. Whether this is an advantage or disadvantage depends on whether you want to give the user the flexibility to change indexes. If your code explicitly specifies indexes in its search criteria, user modifications to your indexes might invalidate your code.
*The Encrypted Compiler Mode (-rx) parameter changes the capabilities of the Compiler — When you start OpenEdge with the -rx parameter, ABL (Advanced Business Language) can compile only encrypted source, not unencrypted source. If users have the 4GL Development System, OpenEdge Studio, Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge, or WebSpeed Workshop, they must start OpenEdge again without the -rx parameter to write and compile their own procedures.