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Managing ABL Applications
ABL and R-code Deployment and Management : Maintaining User Environments : Maintaining the UNIX user environment : PROTERMCAP syntax : General syntax
General syntax
A PROTERMCAP entry is a single logical line that contains many fields. The syntax for an entry is as follows:
*Each field is terminated by a colon (:). (Use the octal equivalent \072 to specify a colon that is not a terminator.)
*Unless stated otherwise, a field cannot contain embedded separators. Spaces and tabs improve readability, but they are considered empty fields and must be terminated by a colon.
*Comment lines begin with a pound sign (#), and can only occur at the beginning and end of each PROTERMCAP terminal entry (that is, before the terminal name line and after the pointer to key functions line).
*To enhance readability, the PROTERMCAP file, as installed, contains as many physical lines as there are fields. Each physical line in the entry contains the following, in the order listed:
*An empty field consisting of a tab character
*A field definition
*A backslash (\)
*A return
The backslash indicates that the terminal entry continues on the next physical line of the file. If you need to include a literal backslash in a field, use two backslashes.
The following code fragment from the entry for the Wyse 370 shows the use of the colon, tab, space, backslash, and return characters:
wy370|wyse370|wyse_370|wyse 370 running in native mode:\
: :\
: :\
: :\
:COLOR 5 RED/BLACK=\E[31;40m:\E[m:\
:COLOR 6 GREEN/BLACK=\E[32;40m:\E[m: