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Managing ABL Applications
ABL and R-code Deployment and Management : Managing Client Performance : Distributing OpenEdge files on a network : Distributing OpenEdge system files
Distributing OpenEdge system files
OpenEdge system software files are the executable and support files that run OpenEdge. The OpenEdge installation procedure places these files in the default installation directory on the nodes where you install OpenEdge. If you install OpenEdge on a network file server, you can sometimes improve performance by moving the appropriate system files to the node where they are executed (application workstation or database server machine). This is often true on TCP/IP networks running high-speed UNIX workstations and file servers.
Note: There are security considerations if you intend to use an OpenEdge GUI for .NET application from a network file server. For more information, see Code Access Security for network installs.
Make sure you copy the correct OpenEdge executables for your LAN protocol. Also, make sure that the operating system on each node knows the new location of the files you copy. Set the appropriate environment variables to point to that directory.
For operating systems with a PATH environment variable or other standard search list convention (such as search directories set with the map command in NetWare), be sure that the local OpenEdge installation directory appears before the file server OpenEdge installation directory in the search order. You can do this in the startup file for each network node that receives the OpenEdge system files.