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Managing ABL Applications
ABL and R-code Deployment and Management : Managing Client Performance : Distributing OpenEdge files on a network : Distributing log files
Distributing log files
OpenEdge creates the following log files:
*Event log — Contains a history of significant database events, such as OpenEdge startup and shutdown and system errors. This file always has a .lg extension. Place the event log file in the same directory as the database file.
*Transaction log — (if you are using the two-phase commit feature) Contains a history of two-phase commit transactions, and uses a .tl extension. The transaction log file belongs on the same disk as the database.
*OpenEdge AppServer log — (if you are using the OpenEdge AppServer option) Contains OpenEdge AppServer broker and server startup and shutdown information, and it contains other system messages that are not directed elsewhere with the OUTPUT TO KEEP-MESSAGES statement. The default location of the AppServer log is the directory where the application broker starts. For information about moving the AppServer log file, see OpenEdge Application Server: Developing AppServer Applications.