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Managing ABL Applications
ABL and R-code Deployment and Management : Managing Client Performance : Distributing OpenEdge files on a network : Distributing application files
Distributing application files
Application files are files that contain ABL source code (.p,.cls, .w, .i) or r-code (.r). Store application files in those directories that OpenEdge can access most rapidly, preferably on a local hard disk attached to each application workstation or OpenEdge AppServer machine.
Once you have distributed your application files, modify the PROPATH environment variable in the startup files on each application workstation to include the directory search path that contains those files. The following example sets the PROPATH environment variable to the working directory (.) and the \ACCTPAY directory on the C: drive of a Windows workstation:
In Windows, you can use the registry or progress.ini file to set this environment variable. For more information, see Maintaining User Environments.