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Managing ABL Applications
ABL and R-code Deployment and Management : Maintaining User Environments : Maintaining the UNIX user environment : Creating a PROTERMCAP entry
Creating a PROTERMCAP entry
On UNIX, if OpenEdge does not support your terminal or you need to modify the PROTERMCAP entry for your terminal, refer to the programming documentation from your terminal's manufacturer. It should specify the appropriate commands, values, and key sequences that OpenEdge needs to interact with your terminal.
If you need to create a new PROTERMCAP entry, first check the /etc/termcap file for an entry for your terminal. The /etc/termcap file is the standard terminal definition file used by several UNIX system programs, such as the vi editor. This file is usually provided with UNIX.
If this file contains an entry for your terminal, copy this entry to the PROTERMCAP file. Use this file as a starting point to build an entry for your terminal in the PROTERMCAP file.
If your version of UNIX uses a personal termcap called terminfo, you must modify the terminfo keywords to match the PROTERMCAP capability mnemonics described in the preceding sections.