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Managing ABL Applications
ABL and R-code Deployment and Management : Managing Client Access to Databases : Connecting clients to databases : Connection modes
Connection modes
A database is connected in one of the following connection modes:
*Single-user — Only the current OpenEdge session can access the specified database. If the database is already in use by another user, you cannot connect to the database from the current OpenEdge session.
*Multi-user client — The current OpenEdge session accesses the database through a server process. Multi-user client is the default connection mode on non-shared-memory systems and when you use the Host Name (-H) and Service Name (-S) parameters on shared-memory systems. All remote (over a network) connections access the database through a database server and are in multi-user client mode.
*Multi-user direct access — The current OpenEdge session accesses the database directly using shared memory. A process connected in multi-user direct-access mode is a self-service client. Direct access is available only on shared-memory systems and is the default connection mode on these systems. For information about shared-memory configurations, see OpenEdge Getting Started: Installation and Configuration.
You cannot connect to remote databases in multi-user direct-access mode.
When you connect to a database with an OpenEdge multi-user startup command, each database you specify on the command line is connected in the default multi-user mode. Each database you specify in a startup file or in a CONNECT statement in an application is also connected in the default multi-user mode for the current machine.
The first database specified after the OpenEdge single-user or OpenEdge single-user batch command is connected in single-user mode by default. Any additional databases specified with the Database Name (-db) connection parameter are connected in the default multi-user mode for the system. Use the Single-user Mode (-1) startup parameter to override the default multi-user connection mode for a database and connect to the database in single-user mode.
For more information about the Host Name (-H), Service Name (-S), Database Name (-db), and Single-user Mode (-1) startup parameters, see OpenEdge Deployment: Startup Command and Parameter Reference.