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Managing ABL Applications
OpenEdge Application Limits : Compiler limits

Compiler limits

The following table lists the limits for each element of the Compiler (unless otherwise specified).
Table 36. Compiler limits
32,000 bytes for UNDO and NO-UNDO variables per external procedure. 32,000 bytes for local UNDO and local NO-UNDO variables per internal procedure or trigger block.
1 to 2147483647characters per statement. Use the Input Characters (-inp) startup parameter to limit the number of characters allowed in a single statement. The number of tokens allowed per statement is limited only by the available system resources. Each word or special character, such as a parenthesis, aplus sign, and a minus sign, counts as one token. Use the Token (-tok) startup parameter to limit the number of tokens allowed in a single statement.
1 to 320 characters.1
Nested blocks
20 to 20000 blocks, including called procedures. Use the Nested Blocks (-nb) startup parameter to limit the number of nested blocks allowed in a procedure.

1 The run-time limit is 131,072.

For more information about the Input Characters (-inp), Token (-tok), and Nested Blocks (-nb) startup parameters, see OpenEdge Deployment: Startup Command and Parameter Reference.