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Managing ABL Applications
ABL and R-code Deployment and Management : ABL Client Deployment Overview : Client deployment process

Client deployment process

While deployment requirements vary between applications, you follow a basic deployment process to deploy any ABL client application.
The client deployment process consists of three basic phases:
*Planning — The phase in which you identify your deployment requirements and define your deployment strategy
*Development — The phase in which you design, develop, and debug your client application
*Installation and Configuration — The phase in which you deliver your client application to end-users, and set up the end-user environment
Each phase of the client deployment process has its own set of requirements and dependencies that you must consider when defining your client deployment strategy. Decisions made in an earlier phase will affect the following phases and the process as a whole.
Progress Software Corporation provides you with the following services to help you identify your client deployment options and accomplish the client deployment process for your application:
*The Progress Software Consulting Services organization which can assist you in all phases of the client deployment process
*The Progress Technical Services staff which can answer your questions about OpenEdge tools, ABL usage, and database administration