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Managing ABL Applications
Deployment Utilities and Scripts : MKDUMP utility

MKDUMP utility

Creates a set of file dump and file load procedures for a database.


mkdumpc database-name
The name of the database for which you want to create dump and load procedures.


The filedump.p and fileload.p procedures created by mkdump are meant to run from an application menu inside OpenEdge. If you plan to have end users run these procedures directly from the operating system level, you must first modify filedump and fileload. Comments in the dumpdb and reloaddb scripts or batch files explain these modifications.


Sample MKDUMP command:
mkdump mydb
This command creates two main ABL (Advanced Business Language) procedures: filedump.p and fileload.p. In addition, it creates two subdirectories: dmpprocs and ldprocs. The dmpprocs subdirectory contains a single dump procedure for each file in the database; the ldprocs subdirectory contains a single load procedure for each file in the database.
An end user runs the filedump.p procedure to dump the database. That procedure runs the procedures in the dmpprocs subdirectory. To load the database, the user runs fileload.p, which runs the procedures in the ldprocs subdirectory.