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SQL Reference
SQL Reference : OpenEdge SQL Functions : RTRIM


Removes all the trailing characters in char_expression that are present in char_set and returns the resultant string. The last character in the result is guaranteed not to be in char_set. If you do not specify a char_set, trailing blanks are removed.


RTRIM ( char_expression[ , char_set] )


*The first argument to the function must be of type CHARACTER.
*The second argument to the function must be of type CHARACTER.
*The result is of type CHARACTER.
*If the argument expression evaluates to NULL, the result is NULL.
*The char_expression, the character set specified by char_set, and the result can contain multi‑byte characters. Character comparisons are case sensitive and are determined by the collation table in the database.


This example illustrates the RTRIM function:
SELECT RPAD ( RTRIM (addr, ' '), 30, '.')
FROM customer ;


ODBC compatible