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SQL Reference
SQL Reference : OpenEdge SQL Functions : PRO_ARR_ESCAPE function


Adds required escape characters to a single element of a character array.
PRO_ARR_ESCAPE scans the char_element looking for the separator character ( ; ) or an escape character ( ~ ). The function inserts an additional escape character when it finds any of these constructs:
*Escape character followed by a separator character ( ~; )
*Escape character followed by another escape character ( ~~ )
*Escape character followed by a NULL terminator ( ~\0 )


PRO_ARR_ESCAPE( 'char_element' ) ;


The character representation of an array element, without any leading or trailing separators. Must be data type NVARCHAR, or VARCHAR, or CHAR.


*char_element must be data type NVARCHAR, VARCHAR, or CHAR.
*char_element must not be the name of an array column, since the column contains true separators that would be destroyed by this function.


The following example returns the string 'aa~;aa':
PRO_ARR_ESCAPE('aa;aa') ;
The following example returns the string 'aa~aa'. There is no change, since another special character does not follow the escape character:
PRO_ARR_ESCAPE('aa~aa') ;
This example returns the string 'aa~~;aa':
PRO_ARR_ESCAPE('aa~;aa') ;