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SQL Reference
SQL Reference : OpenEdge SQL Error Messages : Overview


In addition to the OpenEdge‑specific error codes, error conditions have an associated SQLSTATE value. SQLSTATE is a five‑character status parameter whose value indicates the condition status returned by the most recent SQL statement. The first two characters of the SQLSTATE value specify the class code and the last three characters specify the subclass code:
*Class codes of a-h and 0-4 are reserved by the SQL standard. For those class codes only, subclass codes of a-h and 0-4 are also reserved by the standard.
*Subclasses S and T and class IM are reserved by the ODBC standard.
*Class codes of i-z and 5-9 are specific to database implementations such as OpenEdge SQL. All subclass codes in those classes are implementation defined except as noted for ODBC.