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SQL Reference
SQL Reference : OpenEdge SQL Statements : CREATE SYNONYM


Creates a synonym for the specified table, view, or synonym. A synonym is an alias that SQL statements can use instead of the name specified when the table, view, or synonym was created.


CREATE [ PUBLIC ] SYNONYM synonym FOR [owner_name.]{table_name|view_name|synonym} ;


Specifies that the synonym is public: all users can refer to the name without qualifying it. By default, the synonym is private: other users must qualify the synonym by preceding it with the user name of the user who created it.
Users must have the DBA privilege to create public synonyms.
SYNONYM synonym
Name for the synonym.
FOR [owner_name.]{table_name|view_name|synonym}
Table, view, or synonym for which SQL creates the new synonym.


The following example demonstrates the use of the CREATE SYNONYM statement:
CREATE SYNONYM customer FOR smith.customer ;
CREATE PUBLIC SYNONYM public_suppliers FOR smith.suppliers ;
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