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SQL Reference
SQL Reference : OpenEdge SQL Functions : CHR


Returns a character string with the first character having an ASCII value equal to the argument expression.


CHR ( integer_expression )


*The argument to the function must be of type INTEGER, TINYINT, or SMALLINT.
*The result is of type CHARACTER.
*If the argument integer_expression evaluates to NULL, the result is NULL.
*The CHR and CHAR functions are character‑set dependent, and support multi‑byte characters. If integer_expression is a valid character encoding integer value in the current SQL server character set, the function returns the correct character. If it is not a valid character the function returns a NULL value.


This example illustrates the CHR function and the SUBSTR (substring) function:
    FROM customer
    WHERE SUBSTR (zip, 1, 1) = CHR (53) ;


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