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DataServer for Microsoft SQL Server
Configuring the DataServer : Maintaining a schema holder : Updating a deployed schema holder

Updating a deployed schema holder

The guidelines and techniques that apply to deploying an OpenEdge database also apply to deploying a schema holder for a MS SQL Server database. However, if you make any changes to the data source schema, make sure to update its schema holder. There are two techniques for updating a deployed schema holder:
*Allow your users to use the DataServer Update/Add Table Definitions utility.
*Send a new data definition file for the schema holder. Your users can use the DataServer Delete Schema utility to empty the original schema holder. They can then load the new data-definition file into the schema holder.
To update a deployed DataServer application:
1. Run an SQL script to make changes to the MS SQL Server database.
2. Run the Update/Add Table Definitions utility on one schema holder.
3. Recompile code against the updated schema holder to build new r-code.
4. Send out copies of the new .r files to your users.
5. Distribute copies of the new schema holder .db and .bi files to your users. You must use the PROCOPY utility to distribute them.