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DataServer for Microsoft SQL Server
Configuring the DataServer : Configuring a remote DataServer : Configuring from the command line : The file
The file
When using the Unified Broker framework, you configure the DataServer for MS SQL Server by editing the OpenEdge-install-dir\properties\ file. This file stores configuration definitions for instances of many OpenEdge products. For a complete list of products and a detailed discussion of the Unified Broker Framework, see OpenEdge Getting Started: Installation and Configuration.
When you use this file to configure the DataServer for MS SQL Server, you provide information that enables the host to start a broker that spawns the appropriate DataServer process (_msssrv.exe).
Each configuration definition contains the environment variable and property settings for a broker instance. The command-line utilities use this file to store, validate, and manage the configurations for these brokers. A single copy of this file maintains all supported broker configurations for each OpenEdge installation.
* Establishing the SSL protocol in a DataServer broker instance of the Unified Broker