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DataServer for Microsoft SQL Server
Connecting the DataServer : Starting a remote DataServer : Starting the UNIX client process

Starting the UNIX client process

After starting the remote broker, you start the OpenEdge client process on a UNIX machine by running this executable:
You can supply the connection parameters required by the DataServer when you start the client process, or you can include them in the Connection Parameters field when you create a schema holder.
For example, this command starts the OpenEdge client, connects a read-only schema holder named mssholder, and connects the MS SQL Server demo database using the mssdemo DSN with the user bob whose password is bobpass:
pro mssholder -RO -db demo -dt MSS -ld mssdemo -H host1 -S oserviceA
-U bob -P bobpass
See Connecting a schema holder at startup for descriptions of the required command line.