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DataServer for Microsoft SQL Server
Configuring the DataServer : Configuring an ODBC driver and registering the data source : Registering your data source

Registering your data source

In Windows, before you can use your data source with the DataServer for MS SQL Server, you must register it as an ODBC data source using the ODBC administration tool.
To register a data source:
1. Start the ODBC administration tool for your data source. This can be either the administration tool provided by Microsoft or a repackaging of that tool by a non-OpenEdge data source vendor. Also, some vendors might provide a similar administration tool.
2. Select the appropriate ODBC driver.
3. Select your MS SQL Server database.
4. Specify a name for your data source.
5. Set other configuration options required or optionally allowed through the driver vendor's configuration utilities against the target database.
6. Test connect.
7. Exit the ODBC administration tool.
You can now configure the DataServer, as described in the following sections.