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DataServer for Microsoft SQL Server
Server Related Command Line Utilities and Startup Parameters : Other command line utilities for the DataServer : PROSHUT command

PROSHUT command

Shuts down the OpenEdge database server and individual OpenEdge processes. Before you shut down the server, have all application users quit their OpenEdge sessions. If necessary, you can disconnect users by using the PROSHUT command's Disconnect a User or Unconditional Shutdown parameters.


Operating system
proshut { db-name | -Gw } [ -S service-name ]


Specify the name of the schema holder to shut down its server, if it was started in multi-user mode.
For DataServers, specifies that the DataServer broker is to be shut down.
-S service-name
Specifies the database server or broker process. You must specify the service name if you issue the shutdown command from a machine other than the host.


For a complete listing of PROSHUT parameters and their functions, see OpenEdge Data Management: Database Administration.