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DataServer for Microsoft SQL Server
RDBMS Stored Procedure Details : Run Stored-Procedure details : Run Stored-Procedure statement : PARAM phrase
PARAM phrase
The Param phrase identifies a run-time parameter to be passed to the stored procedure. A parameter has the following syntax:
[ PARAM parameter-name = ] expression, ...
[ PARAM parameter-name = ] expression ) ]
An expression is a constant, field name, variable name, or expression. INPUT is the default. OUTPUT and INPUT-OUTPUT parameters must be record fields or program variables.
Note: When you run send-sql-statement for a MS SQL-based data source, it passes a single character expression parameter containing the SQL statement you want the data source to execute.
If you do not specify parameter-name (the name of a keyword parameter defined by the stored procedure), you must supply all of the parameters in correct order. If you do specify parameter-name, you must precede your assignment statement with the keyword PARAM. If you do not supply a required parameter, and no default is specified in the stored procedure, you receive a run-time error.