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DataServer for Microsoft SQL Server
Additional Features to Enhance DataServer Performance : Connection pooling : ODBC Connection Pooling

ODBC Connection Pooling

ODBC connection pooling is managed by the ODBC driver manager, external to the DataServer. The size of the pool grows and contracts dynamically based on demand and time-out intervals. The upper limit to the pool size is limited only by memory and other server resource constraints. The DataServer retrieves connections out of the externally managed pool. ODBC connection pooling is maintained with the CONNECTION_POOLING option to the -Dsrv connection parameter. ODBC connection pooling is enabled by default.
Disable ODBC connection pooling with the following syntax:


Note: To take advantage of ODBC connection pooling in the DataServer, you must rebuild your schema holder. However, if your schema holder was built before OpenEdge Version 10.0B, contact Technical Support for information about how to proceed.