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DataServer for Microsoft SQL Server
Connecting the DataServer : Connection failures and OpenEdge responses : Accessing the DataServer log : Naming the log file
Naming the log file
The DataServer log file name, the number of log files, the log threshold, and the log append switch settings are derived from their respective client startup switches: -dslog, -numlogfiles, -logthreshold, and -logappend. For example:
*In self-service mode, -dslog, -numlogfiles, -logthreshold, and -logappend startup switches apply to both client and DataServer log files
*In client-server mode, the -dslog, -numlogfiles, -logthreshold, and -logappend settings are derived from the broker startup
*In ProBroker, these are the -dslog, -numlogfiles, -logthreshold, and -logappend startup parameters from the _probrkr command line
*In the Unified Broker, these are srvrDSLogFile, srvrNumLogFiles, srvrLogThreshold, and srvrLogAppend ubroker properties
All the above attributes are static in nature. They are set at startup and cannot be modified once established. They are read-only attributes when requested from the DSLOG-MANAGER runtime system handle.
Use the -dslog client startup parameter to specify the DataServer log file name. If -dslog is not specified, then the DataServer chooses the default log file name of dataserv.lg.