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DataServer for Microsoft SQL Server
Connecting the DataServer : Connection failures and OpenEdge responses : Connection troubleshooting

Connection troubleshooting

Here are some reasons why a connection attempt to an MS SQL Server database might fail:
*The schema holder is not connected.
*The OpenEdge or MS SQL Server required environment variables are not set correctly when using the DataServer and a broker. For environment-variable information, see Configuring the DataServer
*The data source is not registered properly for ODBC client connectivity. See your Microsoft SQL Server documentation for information on configuring a user, system, or file DSN to properly connect to your data source.
*You have an outdated version of an ODBC DLL; for example, ODBC16.DLL, which runs on 16-bit machines only. This prevents OpenEdge from accessing the data source, though you might still be able to access the data source through your ODBC driver using another product, such as Query Analyzer.
*The data source has not been started or is not running correctly. Use the data source utilities to check the status of the data source and the ability to connect to it.
*The login name and password combination that you provided during connection is invalid for the data source.
*You specified an incorrect ODBC data source name when you created the schema holder.
For more information, see Troubleshooting.